About us

Tuned to the pulse of the digital future

euromicron Deutschland offers here a one-stop shop for integrated solutions for all types of security, communications, transmission and data network, as well as data centers. As a system integrator, we take care of management and handling of the entire project – from planning, consulting, selecting and installing the system technology to service, maintenance and network management. Issues like security, redundancy and high availability play a crucial role. As part of that, we combine all technologies and applications in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) so as to be able to offer our customers tailored solutions in the Internet der Things arena.

In consulting-intensive solution business, customer proximity by means of on-site service is crucial: Backed by our comprehensive network of branch offices all over Germany, we implement solutions across all technologies. We provide services directly on-site or through our central Service and Network Operation Center (NOC).

Our clientele is highly diversified. It includes well-known carriers and utilities, private enterprises from the fields of transportation and logistics, public enterprises and authorities, institutions and establishments in the healthcare sector, banks and insurance companies and a large number of industrial enterprises with no restriction as to sector or size.