New solutions for renewable energies

Surveillance of photovoltaic plants

Renewable energies

SKM Skyline GmbH, in cooperation with MICROSENS GmbH & Co. KG, supplied the network design and components required for remote surveillance of a photovoltaic plant in Apulia. The solution increases security and cost-effectiveness of the remotely located plant for its operator – a challenge for many wind and solar energy farms. After all, these have to work all the time and be protected against break-ins and vandalism: Ideal projects for the experts from euromicron, as the example from Apulia shows:
“We developed a solution from the concept to commissioning, one that included everything demanded of data communication and video surveillance,” is how the head of Sales South at the euromicron group company SKM Skyline GmbH outlines the project. “That included a fence alarm system, video surveillance and transmission of the pictures to a security service.”

Fiber optics meet copper

The cameras are exposed to great heat, as well as wind, weather, dust and occasionally – even in Apulia – rain. Rugged technology with solid components was therefore a must. Networking was carried out using a fiber-optic ring on which the cameras are arranged. Conversion from optical fiber to copper is only carried out at the point of surveillance by means of a media converter. “We ensured that migration could be achieved in such a way that the solution is weatherproof, technically sophisticated and yet low-cost,” said the project manager.

SKM Skyline GmbH delivered the concept, network design and all passive components, whereas MICROSENS GmbH & Co. KG contributed the active network components.