Telecommunications solutions – Competence goes Solution

Perfection is achieved through dialog

Communication is the basis for just about all business processes in the digital information age. That includes not only your own employees talking with each other or with partners and customers, but also sharing of information between applications, networks, databases or things.

The basis for such a comprehensive communications solution is offered by systems for unified communications & collaboration (UCC). The term describes the combination of all communications media and digital cooperation based on all-IP. That comprises, for example, telephony, CTI (computer telephony integration), presence management, video conferencing, instant messaging and Web applications.

UCC enables us to unite all your means of communication under a single user interface. That makes it easier for you to use the individual media, means you can be reached better by users and also enables effective and efficient collaboration. This approach can be extended virtually as desired, whether for mobile infrastructures (e.g. GSM, WLAN and DECT infrastructures), building management systems or security applications. There are solutions available for specific sectors, such as healthcare (e.g. light call and patient call systems, alerting), hospitality (e.g. integration with front-office systems, process support), public authorities (e.g. contact centers, special police networks), industry and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our experts advise you – from the first analysis, to implementation to handover. It goes without saying that we also examine and integrate your existing communications infrastructures. As a result, you can optimize your business processes and entire value chain thanks to transparent communications processes.