Telecommunications solutions – Competence goes Solution

We ensure barrier-free communication

Whether you want to improve your quality of service or coordinate your business smoothly – we have the right solution for your needs.

As a system provider, we advise and supply you with products on a vendor-independent basis – from the communications structure to the terminal device.

All processes from a single source

We offer you the very best service and sustainable solutions. Our experienced experts advise you – from the first analysis, to implementation to handover. It goes without saying that we also examine and integrate your existing communications infrastructures.

Perfection is achieved through dialog

We regard your individual requirements as the measure of all things. We develop your systems in an open dialog. Transparent processes guarantee you perfection down to the last detail.

We offer you competent support in planning and accomplishing projects in the areas of:

  • Mobility solutions (e.g. GSM, WLAN and DECT infrastructures)
  • Healthcare solutions (e.g. light call and patient call systems, alerting)
  • Hospitality solutions (e.g. integration with front-office systems, Internet services, process support, etc.)
  • Electro-acoustic public address systems
  • Intercom systems (simplex mode and duplex intercom systems, industrial telecom and command systems for use in various sectors)
  • BOS wireless communication systems (public authorities and organizations that perform security tasks, e.g. the police)